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Bosan dengan kompetisi menggunakan bahasa indonesia? mungkin bisa ikut kompetisi ini dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris

Kompetisi ini gratis untuk anak-anak dan remaja, sedangkan untuk orang dewasa harus bayar

So.. ajak anak-anak anda untuk mengikuti kompetisi ini, sambil memperlancar kemampuan bahasa inggris mereka 🙂

have fun

WRITING COMPETITIONS 2013 writingclassesforkids


In 2013 we’ll be running two writing competitions and giving you more time to get your entries ready. (So make sure you check out the tips for writing and submitting in this post.)


1st Competition –1st March to 30 June

Theme:  “Real”.

This theme includes a piece of fiction (no more than 500 words) that is set in the real world.


2nd Competition –1st August to 30 November 2013

Theme: “Unreal”.

This theme includes a piece of fiction (no more than 500 words) that is not set in the modern world. (Can include fantasy, history, science fiction etc)



Winners in each category will receive

1.         A detailed five-page manuscript assessment

2.         2 x e-books on writing from the 10 Top Writing Tips series.



Anyone, anywhere in the world, but your entry must be submitted in English.



  • Entry for children and teens is FREE
  • A $10 fee to cover judging and administration costs is payable for ADULTS. Payments can be made here.



The competitions will be judged in 3 categories:

  1. 8 to 12 year-old writers
  2. teen writers
  3. adult writers



Please make sure your submission follows these guidelines:


Submissions must be no longer than 500 words. They can be a complete story or just a part of one.

All entries must be in the following format:

  1. 12 point type…Arial or Times Roman
  2. Double spaced (between the lines). To double space your work, select it and go to the format menu, select paragraph and choose ‘double line’ in the ‘line spacing’ box.
  3. 3cm margins all the way around

Please email your submission to Dee*at*Deescribe*dot*com*dot*au

All emails should include the following information in the subject line:

  •                  Name of writer
  •                 Name of story
  •                 Age category being entered
  •                  Name of competition


Competitions exclude picture books and poetry.


  • Try to show the reader what’s happening through action and dialogue rather than telling them.
  • Try and keep your tenses consistent – if you start writing in past tense (we had, she ran etc), keep this consistent throughout your story.
  • Make sure you ‘double space’ your entry.
  • Avoid using clichés
  • Include as much conflict and action as you can.
  • Try to introduce your main character straight away and allow your reader to connect with them and want to follow their journey.
  • ALWAYS follow submission guidelines.

Unfortunately due to the large number of entries we have been receiving, entries are now limited to one per person. 


Before you send your entry please check that:

  1. Your name doesn’t appear on your piece of writing, but DOES appear on your email.
  2. In the subject line of your email, you have included your name, name of the competition, name of your story and the age category you are entering (8-12, teen or adult). (The age category is THE AGE OF THE WRITER not the age of the target readership)
  3. Your entry is double spaced, 12 point type with three centimetre margins all round.
  4. Each paragraph starts on a separate line.
  5. You have checked your entry for spelling and grammar mistakes, and missing words.
  6. Your entry is written in English and does not exceed 500 words.
  7. Your entry is NOT a picture book or written in verse.
  8. If you are entering the ADULT section you include your payment reference number
  9. You are sending your entry to Dee*at*Deescribe*dot*com*dot*au

Please leave any questions in the ‘comments’ section of http://writingclassesforkids.com/competitions-2/



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